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Meet Their Financial Objectives
At Werba Rubin Wealth Management, LLC our wealth management, and retirement consultation processes incorporate more than investment strategies. We take great pride in helping our clients develop plans that integrate all aspects of their life and business.

For our families, we are concerned with engineering the most beneficial tax situation, and we are happy to lend our expertise. We also help to develop an effective wealth transfer plan that will ensure your assets reach the desired people or organizations when the time comes. Additionally, we work with our clients to ensure that unforeseen events do not result in the unjust taking of assets. Finally, many of our successful families are dedicated philanthropists, which makes effective, charitable giving techniques an important and impactful part of our practice structure.

Plan fiduciaries can count on us to focus on what is best for the plan. We specialize in reducing fiduciary liability for plan sponsors by using an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary for plan investments. We also help our clients analyze the fees that they pay to current providers, and make recommendations on how to minimize plan cost. Next, we examine the investment menu so that employees are not inundated with choices, but yet can still create portfolios that make sense. Fourth, plan design is reviewed so that employees are properly motivated, and owners are able to retain the maximum benefits. Finally, we dedicate ourselves to educating, advising, and monitoring the plan for both participants and sponsors.

Conveniently located in San Jose, Werba Rubin manages over $200 million in assets for a select group of families and qualified retirement plans. We encourage our clients to consider us their personal wealth manager and to call on us whenever faced with important life or business decisions. We pride ourselves on taking a consultative approach with every client with whom we choose to work.
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